Interchange Plus Pricing

Simple, straight forward, no strings!

The Simplest & Most Accurate Method to Calculate Costs

We lower your costs…or pay you $250!

With Omega, pricing is simple and transparent, with no hidden fees.  Our Interchange Plus Pricing Program passes through the exact cost of each card type and has one flat rate as an additional cost of processing. This gives merchants the lowest possible cost on every transaction.

Calculating what you are paying for your merchant account can be highly confusing.  With tons of offers and solicitation saying, “We can save you money,”…“Only 1.00% charge,”… “You’re not compliant,”…How do you know who or what to believe?

Here’s How it Works…

Omega’s approach is the simplest and most accurate method used to calculate the costs, starting with something called the EFFECTIVE RATE (ER). The term effective rate is used to calculate how much your business actually paid for processing with ALL rates and fees included.  This is the most critical cost factor when you’re comparing merchant accounts!  Plus, with Omega, you do not have a setup or termination fee with most of our programs!

Contact us today to schedule a personal meeting with one of our highly trained business consultants!  We are so confident we can help your business that if we can not lower your overall effective rate and monthly cost, we will pay you $250 for your time!