Cash Advances can be Better than a Traditional Loans

It’s Fast, Easy, and Cost Effective.

 Atlanta Merchant Funding

Omega offers business loans and merchant cash advances that can be used for any part of your business. The money can be used for buying new equipment, advertising in a larger market or increasing inventory for an upcoming event. Omega can provide funding up to $250K in as little as 10 business days with no collateral and no application fees. Applications are simple and easy to understand and a business can be pre-approved within 24 hours of applying.

No matter how new or old your business is, unexpected expenses and hard times can leave you in need of immediate working capital. Being able to secure a merchant cash advance may mean the difference between surviving the hard times and closing your doors. Cash advance funds can also give your small business the edge it needs to succeed in a highly competitive market. Being able to hire that extra staff member or purchase the extra equipment may be just the push that’s needed for your business to gain momentum.